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Orange Crush 35RT

Product Code: 392233

Product Tags: Amplifiers
Brand: Orange
Model No.: Crush 35RT
Type: Guitar
Power: 35 Watts

The Crush 35RT is the largest and most feature-laden model in the Crush range. The twin channel, high gain preamp coupled to a beefier 35Watt output stage and 10" Voice of the World speaker yields amazing results, delivering even greater punch, presence and volume. In addition to onboard reverb  and an integrated chromatic tuner, the Crush 35RT also features Aux In for backing tracks and CabSim-loaded headphone output. To top it all off, the Crush 35RT is complete with a fully buffered, ultra transparent effects loop to truly get the most from your pedal setup. With features like these and more than enough bite and attitude for the rehearsal space, this combo goes way beyond the call of a traditional practice amplifier.
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