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Orange Rocker 15 Combo

Product Code: 195942

Product Tags: Amplifiers
Brand: Orange
Model No.: Rocker 15
Type: Guitar
Power: 15 Watts

An all tube design, the Rocker 15 from Orange is a highly versatile amplifier with more tricks up its fruity sleeves than one may expect!
A valve-buffered effects loop, two footswitchable (switch not included) channels and the 10" speaker are just the tip of the Orange iceberg.
The highly versatile "dirty" channel has a huge range on the gain control, going from pristine clean, through touch-dynamic drive, to violent saturation and is tweakable via a traditional three-band tone stack.
The "natural" (aka clean) channel needs nothing - it has a volume control. With this amplifier, we don't think anyone would miss the tone controls; this thing just chimes!
As if that wasn't enough, the Rocker 15 has full and half power modes so that the valve crunch can be obtained at lower volumes for small venues or recording and can, thanks to the wonderfully titled "Headroom/Bedroom" attenuator switch, be taken down to 1 or even ½ a watt.
And it's bright Orange.
  • £659.00