Meet the team.

Foulds Guitars is a close team; each member brings their own skills and talents to the business. We thought we’d introduce them to you.

From left to right: Feritt, Mark, Jason, Richard and Ethan

All the guys are accomplished musicians and specialists in thier own right, covering a wide range of styles and disciplines and regularly gigging around the midlands in different bands. Their range of knowlege covers everything from guitars to recording, maintenance to songwriting, repairs to performance and pretty much all the related equipment.

Feritt – The assistant manager of the shop is our resident pedal nerd so if you need help with effect chains, pedal repairs, etc. he’s your man. He is a comedy songwriter as well as playing lead for several local bands so you’ll often see him out on the Derby circuit. He builds his own pedals for fun – you need to check out his pedal board, it’s a feat of engineering!!

Mark – He’s a drummer but we don’t hold that against him. You’ll often see him scooting round the shop camera in hand, he’s our tech and social media guy. Mark spends good deal of time hidden in the office editing images and scheduling posts but does come out every now and then to bring tea to the troops or man the till.

Jason – He’s the head honcho, usually found in “Mission Control” tweaking a guitar for a customer. If you need advice on getting your favorite guitar to play properly, Jason should be your first port of call. He’s also a sound engineer and has a broad knowlege base for recording and related gear (And he has a knack for looking busy and doing a load of things no one knows about.) Besides hurting himself he plays and writes jazz funk with his band.

Rich – From demos to displays, setups to sheet music, he’s a jack of all trades, there’s not much he doesn’t do! When he gets a moment you’ll find him testing and putting gear through its paces. Rich plays lead guitar in several bands as well as writing his own material. When he’s not setting up or tweaking guitars he’s probably thinking about something musical.

Ethan – as our “junior” team member, he entertians us with his “youth speak” and keeps us informed of the latest styles and fashions, WORD. That said, this dude can play! From blazing rock solos to shoegazing shimmer he knocks socks off people and he can teach you a thing or two about what neck profile will suit you best!

We also have a extended team of luthiers, repairers and technicians who we pull in for those jobs that we can’t handle in store and, finally but very notably, there’s Vicky, James and Sally Foulds behind the scenes who help with the administration of the business.

So that pretty much covers everything.

Almost forgot: Ethan takes size 9 shoes.

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