Why Shop With Foulds Guitars?

OK, so you’ve had look round our website and seen the guitar of your dreams then looked at the price, you then go on an internet trawl and find out you can get it a few quid cheaper with one of our competitors, so off you go and get it shipped next day direct to your door, jobs a good’un.

But is it?

You open up the box, all ready to play your new axe and when you check it over notice there’s a flaw in the finish or perhaps there’s a sharp edge or fret, maybe when you play it the action is horrible and the intonation is out or the electrics dont work properly.

This is the story we hear on a daily basis, the phone conversation goes something like this. “Hi, can you help me, I’ve just bought a new guitar from “………..co.uk” and there’s something wrong with it, it won’t stay in tune or I think there’s something wrong with the neck, there’s a mark on the top…what should I do”? Our answer will always be “can you pop in to the shop and we’ll take a look or you could return it to whoever you got if from”, but it shouldn’t be like that, as a customer you don’t want that hassle.

Don’t get me wrong internet shopping is not all bad and we do sell through our website, but it can be frustrating after you’ve spent a day waiting for your delivery and then you open it and there’s a problem,

Quality control matters to us as much as it matters to you and this is what sets us apart. We check every guitar that comes into the shop, literally every single guitar, and it takes ages especially when we have a large shipment. Each item gets played by an experienced player, the action is checked, truss rod, intonation, electrics, nut, and then fully set up by one of our skilled techs and if we find an issue we either put it right or return it or price it accordingly, then we take a photo of it so that the guitar you see on the website is the guitar you get.

We go the extra mile so you don’t have to and that’s why we are not as cheap as some internet retailers, but at least you know when you buy from us you can be sure it’s good to go.

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