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Carlsbro Commander CSD100 Electronic Drum Kit

Product Code: 732257

Product Tags: Drums, Percussion
Brand: Carlsbro
Model No.: CSD100, CSD100
Type: Drum Kit

The Carlsbro CSD100 7-Piece Electronic drum kit comprises of the Commander 100 sound module, 4 drum pads, 3 cymbals including a dual zone ride cymbal and a telescopic fully height adjustable frame.
The Commander 100 sound module features 10 preset drum kits, 108 percussion voices, 10 demo songs, auxiliary input and a metronome.

A natural choice to add to the increasing range of popular Carlsbro CSD kits. Perfect for Live performance or studio recording sessions. Carlsbro headphones and EDA30, 30 Watt, EDA50, 50 Watt, and EDA200, 200 Watt drum amplifiers are available for this kit and all the Carlsbro CSD range.
  • £199.99