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Pre-owned Andy Farrell Solid Mandolin

Product Code: S0167302

Product Tags: Folk, Mandolins
Brand: Andy Farrell
Model No.:
Type: Solid Body

A pre-owned item, this solid body mandolin was hand-built in Nottinghamshire by luthier Andy Farrell.
Here are his reasons you need it:

Robust traditional style "tear drop" through-neck construction featuring low playing actions, slightly wider nut and fret board with an adjustable truss rod for greater playing comfort.
Onboard passive electrics include a 6.5k single coil 4 pole pick-up with a rotary volume control and standard 1/4" output jack socket.
Solid construction throughout reduces acoustic feedback to a minimum allowing the mandolin a more prominent slot in a live performance where troublesome acoustics can be a problem.

Here are our reasons you need it:

It's really cool!
  • £400.00