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Pre-owned Antonio Sanchez 1035 with LR Baggs Element pickup

Product Code: P0146964

Product Tags: Guitars, Classical Guitars
Brand: Antonio Sanchez
Model No.:
Type: Electro Acoustic
Size: 4/4

Built in Spain in 2000, this Antonio Sanchez 1035 has a couple of scratches but that's not too surprising for a guitar of this age.
With a solid cedar top and rosewood back and sides, this is the classic way to build a classical!
Excellent string-to-string balance sits perfectly alongside a lot of sustain and volume and all of this can be replicated through amplification thanks to the professionally-fitted LR Baggs Element pickup system.
The shallow curve to the back of the neck makes this a very comfortable guitar to play, too.
With a guitar of this value, of course we are including a hardcase!
  • £999.99