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Pre-owned Dean VNMT Dave Mustaine Signature

Product Code: S0133345

Product Tags: Guitars, Electric Guitars
Brand: Dean
Model No.:
Type: Solid Body
Bridge: Hardtail
Strings: 6
Colour: Metallic Silver

A pre-owned item, this guitar shows very minor signs of a previous life, overall in good condition.
For those not in the know, Dave Mustaine is the lead singer and founder of Megadeth. Although always working alongside another guitarist, Dave is an amazing, aggresive and technical player who always plays very pointy V guitars on stage.
So here is one of his signature guitars built by Dean in their South Korean facility.
The metallic silver finish is well complemented by the very shiny pickups which are active for lower background noise, less magnetic interference to the strings and a very high, almost hi-fi output.
For a V, this is not a very heavy guitar but it comes with a factory-fitted hardcase which weighs a reassuring amount!
  • £750.00