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PJD Carey Custom

Product Code: 269243

Product Tags: Guitars, Electric Guitars
Brand: PJD Guitars
Model No.: PJD01C
Type: Solid Body
Bridge: Hardtail
Strings: 6
Colour: Natural

PJD Proudly Crafted in the UK.

Our Custom Guitars use the very best of materials and there are near infinite options available to you. Leigh takes the Carey design and applies either exotic woods or a one off finish.

He then adds customised hardware to your liking.
Leigh is constantly building custom guitars which you will find either direct from them or from us here at Foulds Guitars.

If you would like a particular exotic top, a specific body wood matched with totally alternative pickups or a custom inlay, then you can book a consultation slot.

Within 6 weeks you will have your beautifully hand build Custom Carey delivered to your door.

The cost of the consultation will then be deducted from the final price of the guitar.
  • £3299.00