Alpha 250K Tone Pot


Genuine full size Alpha Pots

Genuine, full size, ALPHA POTS Log A or Linear B Potentiometers. These Pots are fitted as standard on Mexican/Squier Stratocaster models, as well as most Epiphone guitars.

With a Split Shaft of 5.9mm these pots are compaitble with most aftermarket plastic knobs

Cost effective replacements for noisy/scratchy Volume pots, or as an ‘upgrade/replacement’ for Mini Pots. High quality component with good smooth action.

Comes complete with fixing nut and plain washer.

Choose from two different shaft lenghts:

7mm – Ideal for Stratocasters

11mm – Ideal for Epiphone and other guitars where the electrics are mounted though the body, rather than top mounted

Product Details

  • 10%  tolerance for greater contsistancy & accuracy.
  • Very robust and reliable.
  • Choose either Audio Taper or Linear Pot
  • Total pot depth – 30mm
  • Diameter of threaded shaft – 7.8mm
  • Diameter of split shaft – 5.0mm
  • Base of pot diameter – 23.5mm

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