Ibanez Echo Shifter ES2


The Ibanez ES2 Echo Shifter is a powerful analogue delay pedal with a unique control panel that is unlike anything you may have seen before. With everything from subtle and quiet delays that just add a little something to your sound to wild and weird delays that you may have never heard of.

The Sounds

Looking at the controls you might wonder what really can be different about this pedal. Feedback, Mix, Depth and Delay time are all things you will find frequently on different types of delay pedal. Even before we dive into the really cool oscillation and modulation controls there is still a lot of cool stuff you can do.

First of all as you may have noticed the Delay Time is on a slider rather than a knob. Combine that with the tap tempo control and you have instant access to whatever delay time you want just with your feet. Because this is a true analogue delay when you change the delay time while playing you get some awesome pitch shifted sounds on the repeats for when you want to get a bit weird.

Even the oscillation and modulation switches are installed in a way that with a bit of careful control you can switch everything on and off with just one foot.

The oscillation control does kind of what it says on the tin. It sets the pedal into wild oscillation like you have the feedback and mix maxed on any other delay pedal. This isn’t the kind of sound you will use on your next blues pop record but when you want something ambient and wild this effect can work amazingly well. Finally the modulation control adds a bit of warble on to the sound kind of like an old tape machine is starting to go wrong.

Really this is the kind of delay pedal that you will find your everyday sounds on just fine and it will sound great. The real fun starts when you play around with the settings to find all of the cool, weird and ambient tones that you might have never though of before.

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