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Ashdown RM-414T-EVO II Bass Cab

Ashdown RM-414T-EVO II Bass Cab

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The Ashdown Rootmaster EVO 414T effectively epitomises power, performance and portability in the world of bass cabinets. Weighing in at a mere 21kg (46lbs) thanks to its innovative compact and lightweight construction, it is ideal for the gigging musician on the move.

Don't be fooled by its weight; the Ashdown Rootmaster EVO 414T boasts a commanding 600-watt output, delivering that unmistakable classic Ashdown sound with unparalleled precision and depth. Its heart is comprised of four custom-designed 10" speakers, ensuring your bass notes are not only heard but felt.

What sets this cabinet apart is its versatility. Equipped with a high-frequency tweeter, you have complete control over your high-end frequencies with a convenient three-way switch—choose between hi, low, or completely off, tailoring your sound to your exact preferences.

Constructed with lightweight plywood and loaded with Ashdown's White Line speakers, this cabinet offers exceptional attack, crystal-clear clarity, and a thunderous low-end that's bound to captivate your audience. Moreover, its distinctive high-quality finish ensures that it not only sounds exceptional but looks the part too.

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