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EKO BAIO Box All In One FX

EKO BAIO Box All In One FX

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Is this the smallest multi-effects pedal ever? Whether it is or not, it's so much more...
This little thing can also act as a recording interface and headphone amplifier featuring "Impulse Response" amplifier modeling. You can even connect via bluetooth for playing backing tracks through it!

Here's what Eko have to say about it:
"With nine selectable preamp types, controllable with the Tone and Drive knobs, you will have access to just as many timbres ranging from crystal clear to heavier distortions. The Modulation section, accessible via the Mod knob, allows you to add Chorus and Phaser; Delay effect with relative management of Delay Time, feedback, Mix and Reverb effect are accessible respectively with the Delay, FB, Mix and Rev knobs. The IR knob allows you to select from eight Impulse Responses specifically created for BAIO by Massimo Varini, who has selected and adapted some of the best ChopTones IRs. From Blues to Metal you will have the opportunity to use live and in the studio a selection of amplifiers, cabinets, speakers and microphones specially combined to offer a realistic convincing sound. Through the Out control you will be able to adjust the Output Volume and using the three footswitches you can switch from Preset Mode - for changing the Presets - to Live Mode, where you could set IRs / Rev, Delay / Mod and Preamp separately. With the footswitches, you can also activate the Bluetooth that will allow you to play your favorite backing tracks through an external device or activate the integrated Tuner, with which it is also possible to completely interrupt the Output signal (Mute function)."

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