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Martin SC-13E

Martin SC-13E

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The revolution is here!

Martin Guitars have been going since 1833, innovating along the way; this SC-13E has been designed from the ground up to be the easiest playing stage electro-acoustic ever! The neck join, the bracing and even the body shape are all specific to allowing this guitar to be played like an electric while inhibiting feedback. The Fishman electronics even feature a very sneaky little tuner hidden inside the soundhole!

Here at Foulds Guitars, we check every instrument to make sure it meets our expectations when it comes into our store; all guitars are professionally set-up prior to going on sale.

We offer this service free of charge for every instrument, that's why we're not the cheapest on the internet, but you can be sure you won't get any nasty surprises once you get your new instrument.

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