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Orange Crush CR60 Combo Orange

Orange Crush CR60 Combo Orange

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The Orange Crush Pro range is an excellent choice for the gigging musician. Designed to sound as authentically Orange as possible, this solid-state, all analogue CR60 has all the output volume you could need and a very user-friendly panel with a Master Volume control for balancing clean and dirty channel volumes.

The clean channel can provide actually useable sounds regardless of where you point the tone controls and, although it will break into a nice crunch at high settings, it can stay clean very loud which makes it a great platform for running all of your pedals into the front.
Speaking of pedals, there is a buffered effects loop built in here as well.
The drive channel also has a lot of scope with the tone controls and huge range on the Gain control going from actually clean to super-violent metal. There is a lovely section of sweep around the middle of the Gain control which provides an excellent touch-sensitive drive allowing drive control from how hard you pick!

With both channels and the on-board reverb (Plate, Hall and Spring) footswitchable, this is a great amp with tones to suit every style and a style all its own!

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